Youth in Elmwood Arts and Recreation


Youth in Elmwood Arts and Recreation (YEAR) Program


You’re Invited!

Elmwood Community Resource Center’s YEAR Program will be hosting a PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) focussing on the choices, request and suggestions of youth in the community. As a community stakeholder, resident or youth in the Elmwood Community, we are inviting you to take part in this positive, fun and creative planning session.

Reason for doing a PATH:

• Improving the quality of life for youth in Elmwood
• Making and responding to the voice of the community
• Building relationships with youth and those committed to supporting them in a bright future
• Being part of your community
• The opportunity to be heard and share in the work of the community

Why is the ECRC YEAR Program choosing to complete a PATH?

Our goal is to provide Elmwood Youth the tools and support to build and grow their community, while fostering trust and respect. The ECRC’s vehicle to accomplish this goal is the YEAR Program.

When will YEAR’s PATH be held?
Date: Wednesday, September 11th 7:00 – 9:00pm
Location: 180 Poplar Ave. 

This is an opportunity to hear what youth in Elmwood have to say! So bring your enthusiasm and ideas to help support a stronger, brighter Elmwood for the Youth in our community.

RSVP: Dina LaBillois (YEAR Coordinator) at or Tracey Needham (Program Manager ECRC) at

by Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

We are a growing program in Elmwood and we are connecting with other programs and facility’s throughout the Elmwood area.
We will be running different programs in different locations in hopes to build solid partnerships that will bring our community closer together.
The (YEAR) program will be multi-layered in order to engage and appeal to the youth in our community.
We will be running various programs for youth (ages13-17) 4 nights a week and once on the weekend.
We are a totally free non-profit program, and all transportation and costs will be provided.
Our main goal is to keep the youth involved in our community and to provide deterrents from the many temptations of gang mentality and lifestyle. We strongly believe when a person feels good about themselves and their achievements it will encourage them
to make informed and positive life choices.
Self-esteem is essential in a youth’s life and we want to build their self -esteems with a lot of encouragement, positive role modeling, and mentoring. Our program will allow our youth to participate in positive and encouraging activities while also educating, supporting and providing engaging opportunities
Tuesday-Friday 4:00pm-8:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-2:00pm
Ages 13-17
· Music/Video Production
· Painting Lessons and youth can share their own individual creativity as well (GRAFFITI ART)
· Wood Working
· Cultural Crafts

Recreation: (indoor, Outdoor)
· Soccer, Football, Basketball, Hockey (floor, ice), Tennis etc.

Game Night:
· Pool, Air Hockey, Shuffle Board, Darts, etc.

·  Paint balling, Go Karting, Bowling, Swimming, Movies, Sledding, Archery, Boating, Sporting Events, Rock Climbing, Snow Shoeing , Cross Country Skiing, etc.

Life Skills:
· Cooking, Trades Demo’s, Anger Management, Guest Speakers, Work-Shops, etc.

Wilderness Program:
The wilderness program is a training program that will have trained and certified instructors to take up to 10 youth and 2 elders out of the urban environment to let them experience what the creator had intended them to see.
Also we have all of the supplies in place for a fully equipped summer canoe/kayak program.

  • For more information contact Dina 204-982-1720 ext 209

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