Youth in Elmwood Arts and Recreation

The YEAR program is an after school drop-in program providing youth with a supportive, safe place to learn and grow, featuring multi-cultural teaching as well as arts and crafts, nutrition, recreational activities and life skills training.

Our main goal is to keep the youth (age 12-17) involved in our community . We strongly believe when a person feels good about themselves and their achievements it will encourage them to make informed and positive life choices.  Self-esteem is essential in a youth’s life and we want to build their self -esteems with a lot of encouragement, positive role modeling, and mentoring.

Our program will allow our youth to participate in positive and encouraging activities while also educating, supporting and providing engaging opportunities:

Activities are held

Tuesdays-Fridays 4:00pm-8:00pm   and occasional Weekend

 For more information contact us  204-982-1720 ext. 309